• This was our first Tour de Lakes ride and we found the route to be absolutely breathtaking!! We rode through the countryside of so many beautiful lake communities and were in awe of the stunning views!! The hosts at the SAG stops were helpful, informative about the areas we were in and sent us on our way refreshed not only physically, but mentally as well!! This is a very well-planned ride with signage that got you right where you needed to go. We had no idea you could ride such a local route and be privy to some beautiful lake shores!! This will be an annual event for us.

    Todd & Teresa Kauffman
  • Beautiful scenery, challenging course and great food!!

    Randy J.
  • This is a beautiful ride through lake country, supported by very friendly and helpful people.

    Rider 01
  • Loved the scenic ride! Very enjoyable & everyone was very friendly & helpful! Saw deer & loved going around the lakes! Even ran into people I knew golfing at Tippy!

    Ann Metzger
  • Very nice scenery during the ride and you get to see a lot of lakes on the 100 k route, and the food after the ride was awesome. Well worth the money if you're a true bicyclist and are looking for a change of scenery from just riding around your local area.

    Frank Goodin
  • A great ride! Plenty of scenery and challenges along the way. But you're never far from a SAG.

  • There are a lot of different ups and downs that makes it great!

    Olivia DeHaven
  • Thought this would be fun to try. Had friends come in from Chicago to go with me. We enjoyed it. Our friends enjoyed seeing the lakes and country side. Plan to do it again next year.

    G. fisher
  • Well run, good route. Some challanges that keep it interesting.

    Bill Wills
  • This is a great ride. Very well organized! Very friendly & helpful people! Great SAG stops with very nice people!!

    Ann Metzger
  • Great ride year after year! Those two last hills get me every time!

  • Wonderfully organized, beautiful shirt, perfect day, best ride of the year.

    Fred Pond
  • One of the best rides in the area. A few rolling hills to keep it interesting and lovely scenery.

    Larry, Melinda, Nikola, Cassandra, and Jasmine Gramm

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