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TDL10 Jerseys Available!

Greetings Tour des Lakes Riders,

We hope you are enjoying biking this fall! The fall colors are amazing around Syracuse Lake, Lake Wawasee, Dewart Lake, Lake Tippecanoe, Chapman Lake and Winona Lake. The fall biking weather has been great to enjoy the beautiful and vibrant community we live in!   

The Tour des Lakes Committee is pleased to make the following announcements!

Tour des Lakes Jersey is available

Tdl10 tour des lakes jersey 02 - tour des lakes - tour on your bike 8 beautiful lakes including syracuse, wawasee, north webster, winona and more

For a limited time, you can order a TDL Jersey for our 10th ride! How awesome would it be to wear this jersey on July 17, 2021! Plus, it would make an awesome Christmas gift! 

The cost is $79 plus $10 shipping and handling. The jersey is available in men’s and women’s styles. Deadline for orders is Thursday, October 29th, 2020 (11:59pm CDT).

The link is listed below and also includes a TDL neck gaiter option. Be sure to check out the link below before time runs out! 

TDL10 Neck Gaiter Available

Tdl10 neck gaiter - tour des lakes - tour on your bike 8 beautiful lakes including syracuse, wawasee, north webster, winona and more

Please continue to show your support for this event by ordering your jersey and neck gaiter. As you know, Tour des Lakes is a fundraiser for Syracuse-Wawasee Trails which is a non-profit organization and relies on public support. The vision of this organization is to have a connected trail community. The new Conklin Bay Boardwalk & Trail adds 1.37 miles to the existing 11-miles of trails continuing our vision of a network of walking/biking trails that connects the Town of Syracuse, Syracuse Lake, and Lake Wawasee. The new Conklin Bay Boardwalk & Trail will be added to all three Tour des Lakes routes in 2021! 

Registration is open for the 2021 ride

If you have already paid for the 2020 ride, your registration will automatically be applied to the 2021 ride. 

Thank you for your continued support for this event! We look forward to seeing everyone on July 17, 2021 as we celebrate our 10th ride! 

Enjoy your fall biking and remember our motto: “Keep Calm and Ride On during these difficult times!”

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