You know what that means? That’s right, time to start thinking about the Tour des Lakes! I’m sure that is what is on everyone’s mind right!? Well, even if it’s not, you better believe that it is on our mind here in Syracuse, IN. We are gearing up for the 6th annual Tour des Lakes and we know it will be the best ride yet! Continue reading to find out more!

Route Changes

Here in 2015 we have decided to change-up a couple of the Routes. The 25K route will have even more scenic views of Lake Wawasee and the country side. For the 100K route we have added Dewart Lake to the route. We look forward to sharing even more of our beautiful lakes with all the riders!

First 10 Riders to Register!

First 10 registrations (Family is one registration) will get a $10 Visa Gift Card! Hurry up because those 10 spots will go quickly. Also, the first 50 will get a free T-Shirt!

Register Today!

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  1. Just rode the 2015 tour for the first time (50k). Really nice! You guys did a wonderful job on marking the route. The color code,placement before and after turns of the arrows was great I didn’t have to use my map,just watch the road. Beautiful country side,low traffic ….fun ,thanks. Sags were well spaced and supplied. I’ve ridden the pumpkinevine out of Goshen many times. It’s a good ride and well organized but there route marking is confusing. Yours was so much better. Well done guys, well done. See you again next year. Eric.

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